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We have decades-deep experience developing commercial software products. This includes desktop application software, and much more. Web and mobile applications are increasingly important but sometimes software that runs on desktops or servers still makes sense and we are proven veterans in executing successful development of software that works.

We produce retail software, professional-use application software, software for OEM computer pre-load, SDKs, software for new devices and new uses of existing devices, and software for technical users (for a few examples). Our team has experience with Operating Systems projects, networking and communications, installation software, utilities, Fibre Channel storage software, monitoring, security enhancements, and more.


Statista claims that Windows held about 84.6% of desktop computers as of July 2017 [1].  Our experience building commercial software for PCs began before Windows 2.11 and our staff have been producing products for the Windows platform ever since.  Our range runs from VxD hooks all the way to Windows GUI development targeted to consumers, business and technical users, and professionals.

Mac OS

Mac OS also makes up about 11% of the population of personal computers [2].  Our staff began enthusiastically coding for the 128K Mac in 68000 assembly language.  We’ve been selected for a variety of Mac development projects since that time.  We’ve long appreciated the ease of use and design sensibilities of the Mac platform and also the cross-polination of ideas between Windows and Mac.


Our staff have execcuted true Cross-Platform develoment efforts seeking to build for multiple Operating Systems with common code.

We’ve also built and managed development of “Ports” moving software from one platform to another.







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