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Offshore Software Development

Winter Harbor Software is a firm of professionals who like to build software on behalf of our clients. We enjoy collaborative relationships with select clients who prefer resourceful, innovative, productive creation of new products and new technology.

Our firm and our professionals are based in the US.

We believe core generators of value include these: quality design, innovation, and adeptly built quality software. Our observation is that all of the foregoing transcend mere 'lines of code.'

We do not work on the model of a "software factory" churning code to specifications (rather, we assist clients with creation of the designs and specifications) nor do we function as a staffing firm.

Much has been made of "offshore" development. In our views many of the discussions regarding offshore, nearshore, and outsourcing relationships, can lead and have led to unnatural structural barriers and inefficiency in forming productive and beneficial business relationships.

It should be easy to call or email and to work with us on your next project.

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"I really, really urgently prefer not to be using Lunar Landing Module 1.0.17 at the moment I learn the 'Return to Earth Story' won't be implemented until a later sprint."

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